GoodWe’s HT1500V inverter series solves challenges posed by modern day utility-scale solar development


GoodWe’s HT1500V series of utility-scale solar inverters (pictured) come use 12MPPTs to solve bifacial module mismatch. Image: GoodWe.

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GoodWe’s HT1500V series of utility-scale solar inverters comes with a range of features designed specifically to solve many issues faced by today’s project designers and developers, from the use of 12 MPPTs to solve bifacial module mismatch to an improved thermal design to keep solar arrays performing optimally at temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius.  


While the PV Industry is experiencing a boom in demand, independent power producers,  developers, investors and EPCs face an increasing number of challenges when building a solar plant. The need to reduce the levelised cost of electricity (LCOE), project design complexities, plant profitability, O&M resources, highly demanding grid codes, supply chain issues and challenges related to the weakness of the grid become pressing matters through the industry. Solar Inverters play a fundamental role in any solar farm and need to be capable of delivering the best possible response to those challenges.


The new HT1500V Series (225/250kW) is GoodWe’s leading inverter with an extensive list of features designed to reduce system and O&M costs, making it an ideal choice to maximise the return on investment for utility-scale solar projects. The HT1500V Series boasts options of 6 MPPTs and 12 MPPTs, power line communication 2.0, and is compatible with bifacial 182mm/210mm modules. It features string level monitoring and incorporated I-V curve diagnosis for intelligent detection of voltage and current issues. The series is also equipped with an optional PID recovery function and can enable 24-hour monitoring of PV arrays. The unique mechanism of smart string protection switch that comes with the GW225KN-HT & GW250KN-HT models can reduce energy generation losses when a short circuit or reverse connection occurs. The configuration of the HT1500V can be easily done via Bluetooth, while firmware diagnosis and upgrading can be operated remotely. These features were conceived to ensure the lowest LCOE and make projects more efficient.


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The HT1500V series is available in options of 6 MPPTs and 12 MPPTs and has an MPPT operating voltage range of 600 – 1,500V. The GW225K-HT and GW250K-HT models enable two strings per MPPT, while the GW225KN-HT and GW250KN-HT models allow three strings per MPPT. All models have type II DC and AC surge protection. Each inverter weighs 111kg and has the following dimensions in width x height x depth; 1091 x 677 x 341mm. All models have an IP66 ingress protection rating.


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